Coming In Febuary 2024

The Haunted – Update
OK – There has been no progress with the broken app I had been intending to use to record The Haunted. This is a real disappointment… But I usually have a Plan B!

In this case, the show will now be recorded (for the meantime) using Zoom. Each episode is intended to last 25 minutes, although recording may last up to an hour. There will be a maximum of five participants, including myself and the occasional invited co-host. In addition to the guests and co-hosts, each Zoom recording  will have an invited audience made up of patrons, supporters and friends of the Artemus Deadman facebook page. 

The Haunted and A. Deadman!
“Share your own personal spooky experiences and favourite local ghost stories with Artemus Deadman via The Haunted!”

A new regular audio broadcast from the host of the Absinthe Affair, The Haunted will feature up to five guests and interviewees on each edition. There will be discussions, debates, interviews and maybe even a wee musical interlude or two!

Recording The Haunted!
The podcast will be recorded live via Zoom and then edited for broadcasting via regular podcast channels and various associated websites. Whenever possible – Each recording will be hosted at a time best suited for any international guests or interviewees participating. Emailed messages and stories will also be read out and discussed by guests during the show.

For best sound quality, those involved in a recording session are asked to wear headphones – And also to place their devices used for recording in a stand or have them propped upright on a table in front of the chair they are using.

Any music or creative material used by guests must be directly owned by the participant or have confirmed permission of the copyright holder, for use in The Haunted!

You can express your interest in participating, and also email your local spooky stories and strange tales directly via the contact information on the menu bar.

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